Join the 2023 MedTech Innovator Startup Showcase

Wilson Sonsini’s 30th Annual Medical Device Conference will once again partner with MedTech Innovator, the largest medical device accelerator in the world, to highlight this year’s top 75 early and mid-stage start-ups. These companies will present in the MedTech Innovator Showcase which includes a three-minute pitch by each company. Start-ups for the US program are selected from a pool of over 1,100 applications through a rigorous selection process that weighs input from investors, subject matter experts, and representatives from leading manufacturers like Asahi Intecc, BD, Dexcom, Edwards Lifesciences, Fujikura, Jabil Healthcare, Johnson & Johnson, Nipro Corporation, Olympus, W. L. Gore, Zimmer Biomet and many more. Over $800,000 in cash prizes plus many in-kind prizes will be awarded to this year’s cohort, and they will join the ranks of 500 alumni who have gone on to bring more than 200 products to market, raise over $6.7B in follow-on funding, and 36 acquisitions. As attendees, you will have the opportunity to meet in our partnering sessions with these exciting companies.

MTI Company Showcase I: Cardiology
9:00 – 9:45 AM

  1. Covellus
  2. IFPx
  3. InterShunt Technologies
  4. Nininger Medical
  5. Pumpinheart
  6. AMI
  7. CardieX
  8. EchoPixel
  9. Happitech BV
  10. DASI Simulations
  11. Healium Medical

MTI Company Showcase II: Surgery, Gastroenterology & ENT
10:00 – 10:45 AM

  1. Perceptive Medical
  2. Inovatyvi Medicina
  3. Total Flow Medical
  4. Plio Surgical
  5. SafeGuard Surgical
  6. Savage Medical
  7. CORIT Medical
  8. Mirai Medical
  9. Hypervision Surgical
  10. 270Surgical
  11. Knowtex

MTI Company Showcase III: Critical Care & Infectious Disease
11:00 – 11:45 AM

  1. MACH32
  2. Opticyte
  3. Thermidas
  4. HIVE Medical
  5. XTremedy Medical
  6. 3EO Health
  7. VeinWay
  8. Medical Devices Corner
  9. ProtonIntel
  10. Module Innovations

MTI Company Showcase IV: Neurology & Behavioral Health
1:15 – 2:00 PM

  1. Newrotex
  2. NeuraStasis
  3. StrokeDx
  4. Cerebraai
  5. Neurava
  6. INBRAIN Neuroelectronics
  7. JuneBrain
  8. Universal Brain
  9. Flow Neuroscience
  10. Senseye
  11. MicroTransponder
  12. GenLight MedTech Co

MTI Company Showcase V: Pulmonary & Oncology
2:15 – 3:00 PM

  1. Ankr Health
  2. NXgenPort
  3. PanTher Therapeutics
  4. Travera
  5. Endocision
  6. Sonavi Labs
  7. Xcision Medical Systems
  8. Invenio Imaging
  9. Prana Thoracic
  10. Flexperc Medical
  11. SONIRE Therapeutics Inc.
  12. Vesica Corporation

MTI Company Showcase VI: Orthopaedic & Plastic Surgery
3:15 – 4:00 PM

  1. Purgo Scientific
  2. Renovos Biologics
  3. Sparta Biomedical
  4. Alyve Medical
  5. Adcura
  6. 4th Dimension EMR
  7. Cellulora
  8. ImmersiveTouch
  9. Intermed Labs
  10. Jdot Changzhou Medical Technology Co
  11. Kinexcs Private Limited


Revolutionizing Minimally Invasive Surgery with the world's first FDA Cleared Surround View laparoscope visualization system. Dramatically expanding the field-of-view for SAFER, FASTER, and EASIER surgery.

3EO Health

Molecular POCT system for clinic, community, and home costing 70% less than prevailing technologies.

4th Dimension EMR

Medical office practice management / EMR software built by a plastic surgeon for ease of use by patients, staff and doctors.


The only FDA cleared adjustable expandable spinal implant with independent adjustment of both height and angle for a patient specific fit.

Alyve Medical

Deploying innovative sensor-based tools and patented algorithms, Alyve Medical has two revolutionary technologies changing the delivery of musculoskeletal care.


Evaluate cardiovascular diseases by analyzing your heart sounds, including infrasounds, non-invasively.

Ankr Health

Fastest growing, all-in-one side effect management platform purpose built for cancer & surgery clinics.


Improve maternal health outcome by making digital vascular biomarkers accessible in standard of care.


Injectable, plant-based implants for soft tissue restoration that are non-degradable yet reversible.

Cerebra AI

Enhancing CT machine efficiency with AI-driven algorithms, maximizing outcomes for neuroradiology and stroke patients.

CORIT Medical

Class 1 surgical medical device to improve breathing.


Next generation intravascular lithotripsy to address the challenges of vascular calcium, and modular balloon catheter solutions tailored for outpatient endovascular environments, like OBLs and ASCs.

DASI Simulations

Utilizing Artificial Intelligence and computational predictive modeling we improve patient outcomes for patients with structural heart disease.


Real-time holographic image guidance for minimally invasive procedures.


Novel detachable endoscopic cryobiopsy system enabling safer, quicker, easier and less invasive diagnosis of lung pathologies.

Fingy 3D

A custom-on-demand, finger prosthetic ordered from a smartphone picture and delivered to your home for under $300.

Flexperc Medical

Flexible Intervention Robotic platform to improve outcome and efficiency.

Flow Neuroscience

Flow’s clinically-validated brain stimulation headset + therapy app delivers drug-free depression treatment at home with better results than drugs and none of the side effects.

GenLight MedTech Co

Epilcure is a closed loop neurostimulation system full cranial implantable, designed for drug-resistant epilepsy treatment.


Happitech uses only a smartphone to screen high-risk Atrial Fibrillation patients in 90 seconds.

Healium Medical

Therapeutic ultrasound platform + integrated imaging for effective AF ablation procedures.

Hertility Health

Reproductive healthcare from menstruation to menopause with at-home testing, telemedicine & treatment.

HIVE Medical

Wearable remote patient monitoring sensor for compliance to home infusion therapy

Hypervision Surgical

Hyperspectral Intelligence: Objective tissue characterisation for surgical imaging.


Subcutaneously implantable multiparameter heart failure sensor with interstitial fluid pressure measurement.


Connecting Imaging with Real-Time Surgery. The Next-Gen Image-Guided Surgery Platform.

INBRAIN Neuroelectronics

Graphene-based high density & resolution neurotech platform, enabling Intelligent & personalized neuroelectronic therapies at scale.

Inovatyvi Medicina

Teleoperated endovascular robot system with haptic feedback.

InterShunt Technologies

We create a small pressure relief valve in the interatrial septum of heart failure patients so that they can breathe easy.

Invenio Imaging

The NIO uses laser imaging and artificial intelligence to instantly detect cancer in tissue biopsies in the OR.

Jdot Changzhou Medical Technology Co

Personalized total knee replacement surgery with single-use custom instruments and micro roboticsgle-use personized surgical system combining PSI and micro-robotics for joint procedures.


JuneBrain is revolutionizing retinal imaging by offering an accessible, AI-driven solution to improve brain and eye health.

Kinexcs Private Limited

AI-enabled wearable & digital platform empowering joint replacement post-op recovery with home-based digital therapy and lower risk of complications.


Knowtex empowers clinicians with voice AI automated note-taking and coding from natural conversation to combat burnout and capture revenue leakage


IMSAFE is an "EpiPen for Trauma"; stop patients from bleeding to death BEFORE they reach the hospital.

Medical Devices Corner

A robot that provides remote access inside MRI and CT scanners and improves biopsies and ablations.


MicroTransponder®, Inc. is a privately held medical device company committed to developing neurorestorative solutions for ischemic stroke survivors with chronic upper limb impairments.

Mirai Medical

ePORE Therapy: Changing cancer surgery to a non-surgical outpatient procedure.

Module Innovations

Ultra rapid detection of antibiotic susceptibility of bacterial infections in hours and not days.


Non-invasive proprietary neurostimulation to improve access to care and outcomes after stroke.


Wearables to monitor for seizures and SUDEP (sudden, unexpected death) risk in epilepsy patients


Silk conduit with luminal fibres - the first off-the-shelf device to effectively treat nerve injury

Nininger Medical

1.6M urgently needed tricuspid replacements will be enabled by Nininger Medical’s thin film valve.


NXgenPort remotely manages cancer patients with a SaMD and a Smart Port with intravascular sensors.


The Cell O2 Monitor measures oxygenation within cells, allowing immediate recognition of shock and titration of therapy to avoid organ failure. Cell O2 is poised to become a new vital sign.

PanTher Therapeutics

Clinical stage oncology company leveraging minimally invasive procedure to provide localized, sustained, clinically validated, treatment directly at tumor site.

Perceptive Medical

The BaroHawk System is a critical care device for elimination of preventable hypotension.

Plio Surgical

Plio is a minimally invasive implant designed to make gastrointestinal surgery safer and easier.

Prana Thoracic

Surgical oncology device for the detection and intervention of early-stage lung cancer.


Proton Intelligence is transforming hyperkalemia management in CKD & heart failure with continuous potassium monitoring


The Preduction Device is a transcatheter delivered diastolic heart pump to treat Heart Failure with preserved Ejection Fraction

Purgo Scientific

To fight biofilm infection, the Purgo Pouch delivers the right drug, to the right place, for the right amount of time.

Renovos Biologics

Injectable carrier providing unprecedented retention of biologics for tissue regeneration.

SafeGuard Surgical

LeakGuard is a biodegradable stent that protects patients from the devastating effects of surgical leaks after colorectal surgery and avoids the need for a colostomy bag, thus eliminating operative and hospitalization costs for reversal and improving the quality of life of cancer patients.

Savage Medical

Savage Medical is developing a diverting sleeve anchored in the colon after surgery, eliminating the need for temporary ostomies and their associated costs, complications and quality of life impacts.


Senseye is the first Standalone Diagnostic Device for Mental Health, starting with PTSD, MDD and GAD.

Sonavi Labs

Feelix is a platform designed for remote disease management using AI and high-fidelity acoustics.

SONIRE Therapeutics Inc.

HIFU therapy system ablates cancer from outside of body targeting pancreatic cancer as the first indication.

Sparta Biomedical

A revolutionary cartilage repair device that immediately restores mobility, while reducing pain in patients with knee osteoarthritis.


Novel, low-cost, point-of-care neuroimaging for rapid diagnosis and monitoring of stroke.


Thermal imaging diagnostic tools for early diagnosis of underlying pathology leading to Diabetic foot ulcers.

Total Flow Medical

A heart-lung bypass femoral arterial cannula which saves patients limbs by providing dedicated blood flow to the leg.


Travera's Rapid Therapy Guidance test identifies personalized cancer therapies effective for each patient's unique cancer in two days.

Universal Brain

Universal Brain is working on cutting-edge neurofeedback systems with AI-powered brain scanners for the treatment of depression, which enables us to prescribe personalized, at-home, and non-invasive therapy.


Venous Recanalization. Controlled. The first dedicated device for consistent, safe, and fast venous recanalization.

Vesica Corporation

Cystoscopy diagnostic support system using AI technology to improve treatment outcomes for bladder cancer patients.


Autonomous venipuncture device to fully automate the manual blood drawing procedure in hospitals and laboratories.

Xcision Medical Systems

A radiotherapy device optimized for treating breast cancer by replacing 15-33 treatments with one treatment with lower toxicities.

XTremedy Medical

Surgical tool utilising Pulsed Field Ablation to treat chronic infections, in particular diabetic foot.